TY - JOUR AU - Rhoden, Gunner AU - Nelson, Hannah AU - Valladao, Silvio AU - Andre, Thomas PY - 2021/04/05 Y2 - 2021/07/24 TI - Blood glucose levels in response to 1 hour of esports training: A pilot study JF - International Journal of Esports JA - IJE VL - 1 IS - 1 SE - Original Research Article DO - UR - https://www.ijesports.org/article/47/html SP - AB - <p><strong>Aims:</strong> The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between blood glucose levels and performance in Esports. <strong>Methods and Results:</strong> Ten college-aged participants (9 male, 1 female; age = 20.3 ± 1.2 years; BMI = 28.8 ± 7.6; Esports mean hours per week = 18.9 ± 14.3) were recruited. In a cross-over counterbalanced design, participants completed two Esports sessions (fed & fasted) following an 8 hour fast. An initial baseline blood glucose measurement was recorded (Baseline) and then received either a nutrition bar or remained fasted. There was a one-hour rest period before blood glucose and mental fatigue were recorded (Pre). Each experimental visit included two consecutive 30-minute Esports sessions while gaming performance was recorded. Blood glucose was measured at the end of the first 30-minute Esports session (30 Min) and at the end of the second 30-minute Esports session (Post). Mental fatigue and enjoyment level were recorded at the end of the session (Post). Mean blood glucose was significantly higher at the Pre (110.8 ± 25.3mg/dL vs 90.9 ± 9.4mg/dL, <em>p</em> = 0.045), 30 Min (96.3 ± 10.3mg/dL vs 84.9 ± 89mg/dL, <em>p</em> = 0.002), and Post (91.9 ± 5.7mg/dL vs 83.7 ± 7.0mg/dL, <em>p</em> = 0.011) recordings during the fed session in comparison to fasted. Mental fatigue was not significantly affected by session and/or time. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> There was no increase in Esports performance (<em>p</em> > 0.05). Further research should be conducted to continue to explore the relationship between blood glucose levels and Esports performance.</p> ER -