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Published: 09 Nov 2020
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Chief Editor
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IJESPORTS is open to partnerships and developing research opportunities

by Aaron Koshy*
*Correspondence to Aaron Koshy, University of Leeds, GB

Received: 06 Nov 2020 / Published: 09 Nov 2020
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We are pleased to disclose that the IJESPORTS has received a number of enquiries to establish formal partnerships with reputable esports organisations. Whilst this volume of interest is happening earlier than we expected, it is a planned direction of travel. Academic journals traditionally organise partnerships around infrastructure and conference organisation. We believe that in the world of esports, there is much greater potential for longer term mutually beneficial relationships with a range of industry partners.

Our development and subsequent discussions with the Industry Board have been a valuable source of insight and opportunity. Partnerships will allow the International Journal of Esports to offer more services, such as translation and wider dissemination of research. It also keeps publishing costs to a minimum and enables fee waivers to disadvantaged communities.

As an academic journal, it is only possible to make a limited number of partnerships a year. Academic integrity and quality are the foundation of our journal. Potential partnerships will be handled on a case by case basis to ensure they does not cause any undue conflicts of interest and, instead, provide vehicles of mutual benefit. Measures are in place to avoid issues around bias or influence, such as limiting individuals to one board within the journal. Additionally, and similar to articles authored by academics of the editorial board, research will not be reviewed by individuals where a conflict of interest may be reasonably asserted. Partnerships with the journal are focused on long term values and goals. One of our principal aims is to provide greater research opportunities to academic communities globally. We are in the process of building our digital infrastructure and networks to enable the journal to act as an independent distributor of funding calls and research grants by sponsoring organisations. Furthermore, all partners of the journal will be openly listed on the journal homepage and other relevant sections.

As an open access, double-blinded peer reviewed academic journal, we are protected from many of the issues and conflicts of interest that can arise from industry partnerships. It is our belief that by maintaining these principles and formalising relationships, we will add further value to academics, students, esports enthusiasts and organisations through high quality publications.

We look to your support as we foray into uncharted waters.

With thanks,

Dr Aaron Koshy
Chief Editor of IJESPORTS