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Published: 16 Mar 2023
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Benefits of recreational gaming

by Steven Dekker*, Chris Slotboom
*Correspondence to Steven Dekker, G, NL

Received: 04 Dec 2021 / Published: 16 Mar 2023
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Video games have shown to have several positive effects on one’s behavior, skill and capabilities. To determine these benefits we analyzed a total of 133 articles of which 46 were used in this review. We find different genres and playing methods contribute to stimulating different attributes. The positive effects of video game entertainment include tension relief and allow for stress coping mechanisms. In addition, there are game-derived skills, including several higher attentional capabilities, vision improvement, happiness, and prosocial and civic behaviors. We present an overview of these effects in the Dekker Gaming Skill Overview. All in all, we conclude that recreational gaming has the potential to improve real-life skills like learning, reading, creativity and problem solving. Moderation in playing video games is important to attain these benefits. In contrast, excessive gaming may lead to emotional, physical, and social problems.

Keywords: Casual gaming; Health benefits; game responsibly; well-being; game-derived skills; gaming; game; video game; computer game; videogame play; gameplay; casual\leisure; consequence; mental; psychologics; emotional; physical; cognitive; cognition; social; health; gamer; Casual gaming, Health benefits, game responsibly, well-being, game-derived skills, gaming, game, video game, computer game, videogame play, gameplay, casual\leisure, consequence, mental, psychologics, emotional, physical, cognitive, cognition, social, health, gamer