Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the IJESPORTS Essay Competition 2020

How do I enter the competition?

Essays must be submitted through the International Journal of Esports (IJESPORTS) submission portal found on the homepage, author login and the direct link below:

In certain situations, submissions by email with “International Essay Competition 2020” in the subject line to will be accepted. If submitting by email. The authors full name, current age, country of residence, educational level and email address must be included.

What is the deadline for submitting my essay?

All submissions must be received before 23:59 on 15th December 2020.

I see there are two essay questions, do I answer both?
No. Please select one essay question to answer for this competition
Who can enter the competition?
The IJESPORTS Essay Competition 2020 is open to students across the world above the age of 16 who are studying in school, college and at an undergraduate level in university.
How should I structure my essay?
You can structure the essay in whatever form you think is best. Subheadings are allowed. Please ensure a list of references are included at the end of the essay under the heading “References”.
How do I know if my essay was submitted properly?
You will receive a confirmation by email.
What reference or citation style should I use?
We accept any and all reference styles. The most commonly used styles are Vancouver, Harvard and APA.
Will you check for plagiarism?
As an academic journal, we take plagiarism seriously. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism. Submissions that are deemed plagiarised will be disqualified. Your submission should be your own original work that has not been published before.
Can I use images, graphics or figures from other sources?
No. As above, all submitted work should be your own. We encourage you to create original figures if this enhances the submission.
I have submitted my essay and have noticed a mistake, what can I do?
We strongly encourage you to make sure the version you submit to the journal is the final version. If you have noticed a mistake after submission, it is possible to delete your submission and resubmit through the portal. You may also resend the submission by email to However, any resubmission after the deadline of 23:59 on 15th December will be rejected.
Can I submit my essay after the deadline?
No. Any submission after the deadline of 23:59 on 15th December 2020 will be rejected.
I am a postgraduate student; can I enter this competition?
Unfortunately, no. We are organising an opportunity for postgraduate students that we hope to release in the near future.
When will I hear about the outcome of the competition?

As this is the first essay prize to be created for esports at an international scale, it is difficult to estimate the number of submissions that will be received. We expect to announce the winners near the end of December 2020. Please follow the journal homepage for updates:
Can I share this competition with other people I think would be interested?
Please share this competition as widely as possible. All social media links will be set to shareable.
When do the winners receive their prize?
Once the winners are confirmed they will be contacted directly with the provided details on submission.
I would like to help in offering opportunities to students, who do I contact?
Please send an email to
I have another question about this essay, who do I contact?
Please send an email to with the subject heading “Question for IJESPORTS Essay Competition 2020”.