Article Types

It is important that you read the author guidelines to increase your chances of getting an article published.

Here are simple explanations of each article type:

Original research article - Original research that you have conducted and are writing up, there are set headings here, eg Methodology & results.

Review - Largely drawing on secondary research (small snippets of original research can be placed here)

Perspective - A shorter article which is a commentary/opinion on an interesting topic that does draw on some objective findings, eg statistics/research findings

Letter to Editor - This is an even shorter letter style article that would like to inform the public about something

Response to Journal Article - A short letter style article that formally responds to an article published in the journal, eg. Criticising a methodology used or praising the concepts raised.

Registered Report - This is publishing the rationale and methodology of a study that is upcoming or currently being conducted. This allows for quality feedback and gives a high chance for the subsequent study findings to be accepted by the journal regardless of outcome.


Here is a list of answers to common questions we receive:
  • Can I submit my esports related dissertation or thesis to IJESPORTS?

    Absolutely, but you must re-structure the article into a generally more focused and succinct form that fits with one of the article types as described above and in the author guidelines. This process must be done properly to produce an original manuscript that avoids self-plagiarism.

  • Is my article good enough for a publication in a journal?

    We are interested in publishing novel research and ideas in esports. If you believe that you have an original article that has not been published before. Submit it to the journal for review. This is free and easy to do after making sure that it has been proof read properly and fits the author guidelines

  • What does open access mean?

    IJESPORTS is a gold open access peer reviewed journal. This means that from the moment an article is published, anyone around the with an internet connection can read the article from any suitable device. We have to generally charge a fee for publishing articles to cover the cost of the development and maintenance of the infrastructure that supports this activity.

  • Do I have to pay to publish my article?

    If an article is accepted for publication (following peer review), a publication fee will have to paid by authors prior to the article being released for open access publication. This fee is kept to a minimum by our in-house technical team and partnerships with industry. Below are a number of situations in which the publication fee would be waived:

    • Submitted articles authored solely by students
    • Submitted articles authored solely by editorial board members
    • Submitted articles authored solely by members of an academic institution that have an affiliation to IJESPORTS
    • Submitted articles responding to a research call made by IJESPORTS