Esports Projects (International)

Project Name Principal Investigators Aim N Methodology Actively Recruiting?
Gaming performance in FPS gamers: A virtual protocol Joanne Donoghue (
Seth Jenny
Amber Sousa
Peter Douris
Can a 6 Minute Walking or Resting Break Improve Executive Function and Gaming Performance in Competitive Men and Women First person shooter Gamers: A Virtual Protocol 30 Randomized Cross-over Design.  Each participant will perform 3 FPS gaming sessions at home under 3 different conditions (walk break, rest break, no break) with a day's rest between gaming sessions.  Participants will perform computer-based cognitive (decision-making) tests before and after each FPS gaming sessions as well as track some game-specific FPS data. All communication with researchers will be done remotely via cell phone and/or computer.
All participants will have a chance to win a DELL gaming keyboard or mouse for completing the study! We are looking for women or men between 18-30 years of age who competitively play an FPS game.
FPS = First person shooter, N = Expected number of participants

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